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dark elf

Domestic Hippie Creations at Gencon

Posted on 2010.08.04 at 23:07
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We're going to be in the exhibiiton ahll this year! So if your planning on attending come look us up. We'll be seeling wings and cloaks. We will also be taking orders for costume custom costumes.

Some of our wing designs under here!.Collapse )
We are booth #2447 over by the cheese weasel prize booth. Speaking of which... when you come by our booth to participate in cheese weasel you'll be entered to win and awesome cloak.
when you come by our booth to participate in cheese weasel you'll be entered to win this awesome cloak.Collapse )



Posted on 2010.06.02 at 10:17
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Aside from costumes I kind of have this obsession with doing thing myself. This blog I read is giving awaya DVD set on such skills. I'm particularly interested in quilting I'm starting to want to do that but I think there are some steps I'm not seeing.

Anyway here is my entry to win the drawing.


dark elf


Posted on 2010.05.25 at 11:03
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Domestic Hippie creations officially has its booth in the exhibition hall. Wings and cloaks will be the primary stock but I will also be making some "wench" blouses in a better variety of sizes than I typically see at cons. I'm also going to be making some dice bags other small items. I will also be available to take measurements in person for those who are considering commissions.

I don't completely know how I will costume myself since I will be 6 months pregnant by then.:)

Some of what I wore during Gencon last yearCollapse )

Halloweens Past

Posted on 2009.10.02 at 03:43
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So while contemplating what on earth we'll be doing this year I thought I'd post some pics of recent years.

Also If you're in the Indianapolis area come see my show at VTBC. Interactive Victorian theatre. I do costumes as well as perform.

Pics under here!Collapse )


Awesome Books.

Posted on 2009.09.17 at 22:22
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First of all let me express my amusement about people making trailers for books...awesomeness.

I read the first one, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (a classic regency romance now with ultr-violent zobie mayhem). And while I won't say its the most awesome thing ever written it is a clever idea and given my dislike for Jane Austen I find incredible entertaining. So many other boring authors could be livened up by zombies. Also its illustrated.

So I'm looking forward to this. should make for wonderful halloween reading.


Posted on 2009.08.19 at 17:14
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This is just made of win!


Posted on 2009.08.19 at 16:26
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Someone filmed the costume parade. My Husband and I went to the masquerade as a Lion and Gazelle...we're at 1:20


Sew Excited! haha bad pun.

Posted on 2009.07.09 at 00:24
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so right now I'm looking atat the gorgeous red and brown fabrics all laid out on my floor waiting to be cut. I'm giddy! Maybe because I haven't really made anything this lovely ...at least not for myself since my chinese dress. I can't wait till gencon!!!!

Heaven forbid I should suffer so!

Posted on 2009.07.07 at 20:19
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How do you know when you've found the right line of work? When watching anime counts as marketing research.

I'm taking commissions and several titles have popped up for me. They are fairly well known but I'm not familar with the characters let alon their wardrobe. So, alas I must watch anime.


Posted on 2009.06.27 at 02:34
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