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Halloweens Past

Posted on 2009.10.02 at 03:43
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So while contemplating what on earth we'll be doing this year I thought I'd post some pics of recent years.

Also If you're in the Indianapolis area come see my show at VTBC. Interactive Victorian theatre. I do costumes as well as perform.

From our First Halloween together.

Last year's green and purple faerie. My husband wanted to be a cardboard box robot...no pic on this computer...maybe later.

Every other year we do a new intalment of Ghost tales. So last year we did Cold blooded at cold springs. another interative about the first woman to be tried for murder in Indiana. The delightful murderess played by the always fabulous Donna Wing.

All the dresses are my work.

I'm particularly proud of this one. However the photos aren't the best.

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