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Soooo excited!

Posted on 2009.06.17 at 20:55
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So this year the theme for GENCONs dance is masquerade. I've had such an idea for a long time for costumes for me and my husband for a long time but never had an occasion.

I'm entering them in the costume contest. I'm so excited I can't wait to start my costume!!!

Etsy,purses, and crafters

Posted on 2009.06.17 at 00:52
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So one of my favorite and most popular items I make are my tie purses. I've had them posted on etsy (they're not up right now cause I changed checking accounts and forgot to fix the info so that the .40 comes out of the right account)

It probably the best way i can sell readymade items online but I think the major issue with etsy is that mostly crafters are looking at it. When most crafters look at items like that and say "wow i wanna make that!" not " I would like to purchase that item" however off line they sell ok. People are always asking for them. I put one in a charity auction and it went for $65. Online my husband priced them at $30.

<lj-cut text="Here they are">

This one is made out of skirt. Is has a pocket inside.

This one is made out of neckties. this one also has a pocket.

Also if anyone has materials that you would like make into bags I'd be happy to do them on commission.

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